Can you Imagine A World Without The Arts?

A campaign for the arts:

How do we place value on something?  Determine whether you can imagine not having it in your life. That is why we are asking the questions; Can you Imagine A World Without The Arts? Can you imagine what it would look like? How have the arts impacted your life, or community?

Let’s put a face on the impact.

“Art is everywhere, whether you know where to look or not. It’s the design of your soda can and cereal box, or the graphics of that video game your kid is currently obsessed with beating.

It’s the songs you sing in church or synagogue, and that quilt your grandmother made you years ago. It’s the mp3s you bop to on your way to work, and the books stacked on your bedside table. It is all art, and it affects our lives in ways both subtle and obvious, expected and unexpected.” NEA

1. Create a Crowdfunding page2.
2. We will create a Facebook, Instagram page and Twitter feed. We will ask people to respond to the question both straight forward and creatively.
3. We will have tee shirts, posters and promotional material. A percentage of the sales of promotional material will go to arts organizations who TEAM with us. We want to create a TEAM ARTS, a movement.
4. Create a book of stories in response to the questions. [Would be nice to send to Senators and House members].
5. Create a documentary.
6. invite arts organizations across the country to join our Team and ask the question.
7. Invite schools to join us.

Create A DAY FOR THE ARTS-let’s celebrate the arts. Produce a collaborative mural. Performances, discussions, everyone wearing the same tee shirt. Different locations throughout the USA.

PR Campaign


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